When In Rome

America is officially the land of the laziest, dumbest people in the world.

EZ Cracker

I saw the commercial for this while on an elliptical at the gym today.  I almost fell off of the thing.  Are you kidding me?  Who breaks eggs that way?  Seriously!?  Who among you breaks eggs that way???

Please relinquish your license and get your tubes tied.  We don’t need you driving cars or procreating.  We don’t need you teaching your dumbassed kids how to drive.  Natural selection is supposed to kill you off not all of us.  Get off the roads!

And that lady at the end who is eating her egg and has to take a piece of shell out of her mouth.  Well, you were there when you made your eggs, lady!  Did you not notice you smashed the egg into the bowl to crack it?

Who taught these people how to cook, the Incredible Hulk?  “I’m hungry.  Must eat.  Egg – SMASH!!  These things are incredible just like me!  WAAAHHHH!!”

This is so lazy and so stupid. It reminds me of Rome.  People being fed grapes cause they’re too lazy to just put grapes in their mouths themselves.  This is where we’re heading, people.

I’ll still probably buy one.  I can’t separate the yolk and the egg whites to save my life.