Gonna Go Back in Time

Some people think there is a time traveler seen in a Charlie Chapin movie from 1928.

There are several reasons why people are stupid.  This is one of them.

The sole reason they think this is a time traveler is because they appear to be talking with their hand up to their head as if on a cell phone.

Even if someone can figure out how to time travel, no cell phone company will figure out how to get you a signal in 1928.  You Verizon users love to talk about how good your service is, but this is going too far, guys.

I also have a problem with the idea that we’ll be smart enough in the future to figure out time travel but dumb enough to go back in time just to show up in a Charlie Chaplin movie.
Yeah, future civilization, don’t bother stopping Martin Luther King or Lincoln from being assassinated.  Enjoy your day as an extra in a Charlie Chaplin movie.