How My Heart Is Breaking This Week

It’s raining where I live and that doggone rain got that Brian McKnight song “One Last Cry” stuck in my head somehow.

At least I assumed it was the rain.  I have a strict Milli Vanilli policy in my house.  I always blame it on the rain.  I blame all good things on the boogie…not sunshine, not good times, not moonlight – the boogie!

So that sad, pedestrian old song about having one last cry before moving on was stuck in my head all because of the rain.  Or so I thought.

Then I saw THIS:  Anne Hathaway Engaged!!

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This is an outrage and that last line is the only way I can show my frustration!!  Really, Anne?  You couldn’t wait it out a little longer?  Give it some more time before meeting me?  Just had to go and get engaged!  Now who am I supposed to focus my energy on?  The girl I’m seeing? (I’m fine with that)

LISTEN!  The thing that’s really got me down (other than the internal bleeding that this engagement has caused) is that the whole time Anne Hathaway is on the screen in the next Batman movie as Catwoman I won’t be able to do anything but think, “Welp, I’ll never marry her now that she’s engaged…and because I’ll probably never meet her.”
You’re ruining Nolan’s last Batman movie, Anne!  I hope you’re happy!! (I’m sorry for yelling. Please come back.)

I’m more angry than sad…at least for now.

Tonight I’m getting a tub of ice cream and watching some Love Actually.  Cause Anne Hathaway is getting married to some poor man’s Ryan Gosling.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.