Witty Banter

Grammy Host:  These are the two most attractive people here. She’s a friend who even after all these years has always been there for you and he is the sexiest man alive! Please welcome Jennifer Aniston and Jason Farr!

Jennifer Aniston: Jason, don’t you just hate it when kids on Twitter ask who Paul McCartney is?

Jason Farr: Yeah, I do! It’s so annoying. Why are you asking on Twitter? Google that mess, fools. Ain’t nobody gonna answer your dumb ass on Twitter.

Jennifer Aniston: Exactly, they’re already on the internet. Plus, they should know who he is anyway. He’s rock royalty.

Jason Farr: Absolutely! Everyone knows his biggest hit with his old band. (clears throat to sing) “Here we come/walkin’ down the street”

JA: No. Jason.

JF: “Get the funniest looks from/everyone we meet!”

JA: No, Jason. That’s not him.

JF: Sure it is!

JA: Sing the chorus.

JF: Okay. “Here we come/walking down the street” —

JA: No, further down.

JF: Well I can’t remember it unless I sing from the beginning. Now I have to start all over again! “Here we come/walkin’ down the street/get the funniest looks from/everyone we meet/HEY HEY, We’re the,” Ya know. You’re right. That’s not him.

JA: See?

JF: That was the Rolling Stones.

JA: Nooo.

JF: Yeah, Paul McCartney’s in the BeeGees.

JA: Jason, do you even know who he is? Look, who is that (pointing to Paul McCartney in the crowd who shows up on the screen. Audience applauds)

JF: That lady? That’s Madonna.

JA: What?! If that’s not Paul McCartney, then who is?

JF: That guy. (points into the crowd. the screen cuts to Justin Bieber sitting in the audience. The audience laughs) You can tell by their laughter that I am correct.

JA: I can’t believe I left my ex for you.

JF and JA: Aaaaand scene! (The audience stands up and applauds)

JF: The nominees for Best Auto-tuning on a Kinda Singing/Kinda Rapping Over Psybient Music Album are…