In Regards To Casey, Megan, and Sparkles

People have their crazy sports traditions and superstitions.  So crazy that they’ll think THEY are the reason their team lost a crucial game.  A belief that is terribly self-centered.
To them the whole universe does or does not work based on their actions.  The stars won’t be aligned if they simply wear the wrong underwear.

These crazy people don’t even attribute the actions of the team’s collective fan base to the outcome.  No one else’s superstitions matter.  It all comes down to them.

They also don’t realize when a camera is in their face while they cry about whatever predicament they got themselves or their team into.  Or so it would seem considering any video on You Tube of a person crying uncontrollably about Justin Bieber, setting fire alarms, or in this case wearing a nail polish with sparkles before the big Packers/Giants game:

Packer Fans Cry When Sparkles Get Involved

It is okay to cry…but not about any of that.

Beer and people go so well together so often.  Also, nice job blowing that stop sign 22 seconds into the video because you were too busy recording your sister.

Geez, Megan – telling people to do the sparkles, blowing stop signs, and inevitably blowing a .17 on a breathalyzer one day!  You’re the worst, Megan!  The worst!!