I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Food

Netflix has the show Man v. Food in their “Feel-Good TV” category on their site.

I don’t exactly call watching a guy eat himself to death “feel-good TV.”  Nothing about watching that feels good.  Just watching that show makes me feel like I’ve had too much to eat.  You know, that stuffed-stomach feeling you get because you had to have one more bite of mac-n-cheese.

And I’d do it again…cause I looove mac-n-cheese. (hey, turk!) (hey, tina)

Now, Wings, that’s some feel-good TV.

Be Careful What You Queue

So I came across this on my Netflix.


Should I be worried about the profession I chose to go in?  Do you notice the bottom row?  Because I’m interested in comedy I must be interested in addiction and cocaine and meth.

Comedy is the world’s most dangerous drug, I suppose.  I’m hooked.

It concerns me a bit for Netflix.  Is this what things have become?  Times have been tough and I’m afraid they’ve turned to a life of cheap thrills and quick fixes.

Are you okay, Netflix?  Do you need an escape?  I’m just worried, that’s all.  I’ve heard you were involved with WalMart.  Listen, I know they talk a big game, but they will leave you high and dry.  Just be careful, okay?

And for the love, stay away from that Quibids.com.  They are shady.