I’m Okay with That

There is still talk about making another Ghostbusters, but one where they turn over their proton packs to a new crew.

So it begs the question; what celebrities would you least hate to be the next Ghostbusters?  I know how you hipsters are, you don’t like the idea of a new movie and you especially hate the idea of new Ghostbusters.  You want the old ones and no one else.  Cause you’re a snob.

But come on, we’re not talking about casting Justin Bieber in a remake of Goonies.  They could legitimately make a new, good Ghostbusters movie.

I’m totally down with Seth Rogen being in it.  And I say it’s a must that Donald Glover be in it.  I know you’re all gonna say the new Egon-type should be Michael Cera.  Not that the new crew should be carbon copies of the old crew, but I would like to see Jesse Eisenberg in that role.

Maybe we should make a Facebook page for this.  Not one with quite the frenzy of pleading that Betty White host SNL.  More like, “One Million Ghostbusters Fans Saying, ‘I’m Okay with Seth Rogen Being a Ghostbuster.'”