Jason Farr Can’t Stop

Welp, I watched Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop last night and it was great.

I wish that could be on the cover for the DVD when it comes out.  “Welp…” – JasonFarrIsAwesome.com

Anyway, I can’t stop posting my title ideas for episodes of Conan.  Actually, that’s not true.  I forgot to post one yesterday.  I can sorta stop.  Maybe I can stutter stop cause I’m about to post another one today.  I might come up with some more and do one a day next week.

Ah forget it, no one is paying attention.  I’ll do the last two I have today.  I’ll list all the ones I’ve Tweeted below because this is the laziest blog post ever.  Let me just post something here that I’ve already posted elsewhere.  Now this site is like The Huffington Post.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a jackass.  Also, I created a “contest” to name an episode of Conan because their episodes always have clever titles.  I created a hashtag on Twitter #NameAConan and also #ContestsThatDontExist (because I’M so clever) and would post one of the 10 or so title ideas with the previous hashtags.

My hope was to win a car.  Or a job.  Or a cease and desist order.  That wasn’t my hope.  Why would someone hire me for this?  If anything, this has hurt my chances of ever getting a full-time job again.  This and our government being run into the ground.

Nonetheless, here is my list of title ideas for an episode of Conan:

Day 1: “Adventures of the Ginger Head Man”
Day 2: “What’s the hubbub, Jub Jub?”
Day 3: “Secret Agent Man-Child”
Day 4: “Something Hipster This Way Comes”
Day 5: “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Scones Will Never Hurt Me”
Day 6: “The String Dance Massacre”
Day 7: “Blood Diamonds are Fornever”
Day 8: “The Ginger Bandit Skypes Again” (the more I see this one the more I hate it)
Day 9: “The Devil’s Walk of Shame”
Day 10: “Papa Was a Rolling Stone Editor”
Day 11: “Moo Goo Gai Pandemic” (my personal favorite)

(One of their episodes was titled “‘Quoth the Hipster, Whatevermore'” six days after my “hipster” one.  Theirs was better but I like to think I was on the right track.)

Gonna Go Back in Time

Some people think there is a time traveler seen in a Charlie Chapin movie from 1928.

There are several reasons why people are stupid.  This is one of them.

The sole reason they think this is a time traveler is because they appear to be talking with their hand up to their head as if on a cell phone.

Even if someone can figure out how to time travel, no cell phone company will figure out how to get you a signal in 1928.  You Verizon users love to talk about how good your service is, but this is going too far, guys.

I also have a problem with the idea that we’ll be smart enough in the future to figure out time travel but dumb enough to go back in time just to show up in a Charlie Chaplin movie.
Yeah, future civilization, don’t bother stopping Martin Luther King or Lincoln from being assassinated.  Enjoy your day as an extra in a Charlie Chaplin movie.