Who’s Living My Dream the Most Today?

I’m trying to decide who is living my dream the most.

This is a conundrum.  For a long time I’ve been saying no one more than Timberlake has been living my dreams.  He’s my kind of triple-threat.  You know.  Singin’, actin’, SNL hosting-in’.  He had it all – and was hoarding it.  Leave some of that sexy you brought back for us, Justin!

Well now he’s got some serious competition in one Adam Levine.  And I’m just not sure who is living the dream more.  Let’s do a side-by-side comparison!


   Justin Timberlake                        ::                        Adam Levine
Hot song maker and dancer              ::            Super talented at several instruments

Winner –  Though “Suit and Tie” is my jam right now I have to give it to Adam. I’d rather be able to play sick guitar solos than only listen to them.


   Justin Timberlake                        ::                        Adam Levine
He has hosted and appeared            ::          Recently hosted and did a solid job
several times to much fanfare

Winner – Timberlake’s hosted so many more times and got to be in sketches with Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler.  But this is a tie.  They both got to meet Lorne Michaels.


   Justin Timberlake                        ::                        Adam Levine
Married to the lovely Jessica Biel        ::      Free to date any girl cause any girl would date him.

Winner – Hmm. Tough one.  Levine is free to take out Rachel McAdams, Rashida Jones, and that girl at the gym I’m too afraid to talk to.  But as a married man Timberlake’s got a home.  That comfort is appealing.  Timberlake it is!


   Justin Timberlake                        ::                        Adam Levine
He’s on his suit and tie s–t.               ::       Even I can’t help but be mesmerized by that face
s–t tied.

Winner – Me! I’m fine with my looks.  I’m certainly no Adam Levine (that dude’s pretty), but a girl working a Subway drive-thru window once said to me, “You is cute.”  I’m counting that as a win.

So how did they do:

Timberlake – 1
Levine – 1
Ties – 1

Looks like they tied.  So they BOTH deserve my wrath.  Or I could just learn to play guitar.  Whatever is easier.