Watch What Happens

We all know no one cares about Thanksgiving anymore. These days Halloween celebration gets cranking in early October, then one week before Halloween you start to see Christmas stuff come out. Some radio stations and department stores play Christmas music around the clock all of November and obviously through December after hopping right over Thanksgiving.

The money makers ignore¬†Thanksgiving because we hate Thanksgiving. People didn’t even spend time with their families today because they had to get in line for those deals that they could have found online that they couldn’t get anywhere so they were forced to stand in line for hours on end for a new TV.
Times they are a-changing and I predict that in a manner of years we’re going to see Thanksgiving become the holiday about giving¬†thanks for all of the great deals we’re scoring at Best Buy and WalMart.

Maybe we should make the most of this trend and make it the holiday. What are we going to need to make this the new major holiday?

We need songs – Get on it, Adam Sandler!
We need decorations – All the new items you’ll buy! (there’s no money for extra decorations)
We need candy – Peanut butter filled dollar signs sound delicious.
We, of course, need a mascot – How about a a middle aged mom in sweats first in a long line at a store.

I can get on board with this, I guess, but I’m gonna be real hungry. If only there was a way to fit food into the day.

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