“Let them eat cake,” I say!

I turned 35 this month and it was delicious!

Thanks to signing up for birthday coupons I got a free frozen yogurt, $10 off a meal, a free personal pizza, and a free cupcake. Thanks to generous and awesome friends I had a free beer or two and a free French doughnut and breakfast.

And then there’s the birthday cake from my mom. Oh, the birthday cake (that I asked for):

It was as tasty as it was badass!
It was as tasty as it was badass!

I might have turned 35, but I will never grow up. That doesn’t mean I haven’t grown or changed. Let me tell you a little story about my first birthday, which I totally remember. Don’t argue with me on that. It’s a fact. I remember one thing from my very first birthday.

I was seated in my high-chair where I consumed all of my food. What I remember is sitting there when a birthday cake was placed in front of me. And then I got mad. “This is too much,” I thought. “I could never eat all of that. Why would they even give me all of this?”

That was at 1, though. I’ve changed since then. If someone gave me a cake that size now I’d say, “This isn’t enough! Where is the rest?” I’d still be angry. That part wouldn’t change.

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