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Earlier this week someone (illegally) posted Christian Bale’s audition for “Batman Begins” on YouTube. The video (which was awesome) included an explanation from director Christopher Nolan on the choice Christian Bale made for how Batman’s voice should sound.

One commenter said that they never understood why Batman would keep up the voice when people who knew who he really was were around.

I suggested that it’s because Batman has to stay in character. He can lose his focus if he did switch voices while in the Batman suit. It’s like Daniel Day Lewis in “Lincoln.” Everyone on the set knew he wasn’t Abraham Lincoln, but they still called him Mr. President and he stayed in character so he wouldn’t lose focus or the mindset. Then I suggested that maybe Bruce Wayne trained in the Stanislavski system after training with the League of Shadows.

In other words, I made a hilarious joke purporting that Bruce Wayne is a method actor.

Then, someone going by the handle “vidk1” said this:

That’s not even connected. Lewis (real person) stayed in character as part of his job and acting style (method acting). Batman (not a real person) talking to people who know he’s Bruce Wayne with his B-man voice makes no sense unless others who don’t know are nearby. It’s the same ballpark maybe, but how can you compare an actors work to a fictional characters way of interacting with other fictional characters?

Because he gets jokes.

My response was, “BRUCE WAYNE’S A METHOD ACTOR, YA’LL!!”

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Because the video was taken down for violating copyright law and this wonderful internet exchange has been lost forever…until now. We all can rest easy now.

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