Missed America

The new Miss America is Indian-American. And people are having a conniption fit over it.

For one, many people on Twitter think that being Indian means you’re Arab. Which is illogical. Those are two different…just…it’s illogical. Secondly, they think “Arab” is synonymous with “terrorist.” Which is also stupid. And terrible.

What they are complaining about is that she is “Not American,” despite having lived here her whole life. So if you’re a different kind of brown, don’t expect racists to want you to do anything with “America” in the title. You’re just not the right kind of brown for them.

Therefore, to make all of them happy (some of them seem dangerously crazy), we should have a rule saying only people whose ancestors were born in this land should be allowed to be Miss America.

So only Native American Indians can be Miss America from here on out! No more black people can be Miss America. Your ancestors were brought over here. And no more white people can be – maybe shoot for Miss Britain or Miss Canada or wherever white people are from. And more more…hmm, I don’t think there have been any other races represented in Miss America. Sorry Asians. You never got to do and never will you!

That pretty much should cover it.

Or. If you want to be a healthy, mature adult you can stop treating people poorly. Which includes not making women parade around in bikinis and judging them based on your stringent standards that most people can’t live up to.

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