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Everyone, be it your friends on Facebook or news organizations, are still talking about Miley Cyrus’ “performance” on the VMAs Sunday night.

On and on they go with this topic. But there are far more important topics going on right now. You wouldn’t know it because they’re all too busy being appalled at Miley and her tongue.

Why are they wasting so much time on this silly, frivolous, insignificant story when there are so many serious issues going on in the world? There are so many questions that need to be answered!

Like, for instance, “What Did Taylor Swift Say about Harry Styles?” “Why is Ben Affleck Batman?” and most importantly, “Just what in the hell is twerking?”

Your mom keeps asking. You don’t know the answer. What IS it?

Whenever I see some Miley clip that references her twerking I just see the same limp version of booty dancing. So what is twerking?

I am still too taken aback by the fact that it sounds like “tweaking” so it makes me think drugs are involved. I went to You Tube to find out what twerking is. It basically is just booty dancing. The dance is older than the moniker, “twerking,” it seems.

Why change the name? I guess because, “booty dancing” just doesn’t sound classy enough.

But the difference between the terms “booty dancing” and “twerking” as well as the differences between how the dances are technically done are pretty slim. Both are pretty much accomplishing the same thing. There’s just not much difference. So little difference it’s hard to see the line between them.

Blurred lines.

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