Let’s Catfish the MTV show “Catfish.”

We can fake a Catfish story so I can be adorable on TV and spin it into work for myself JUST LIKE NEV DID!

Here’s what we’ll do! We as a group will be part of a fake account. We’ll all add them so it looks like they have 2,000 friends. So it will look real and not obviously fake. How do people get duped when someone has 20 friends and most are of dude’s saying, “Thanks for the add, you’re so hawt?” Seems obvious, right?

Anyway, we’ll make a GOOD fake. That way when I strike a “relationship” with them (double meaning in those quotes. one to say I know it’s not real and another to say are online relationships ever real?) it won’t make me look stupid.

Have you seen this show? Everyone looks stupid. Listen, everyone’s been Catfished. Even adorable Nev. I’ve been Catfished, George Clooney has been catfished. Everyone! Even you. Ever forwarded an email or posted a status about some terrible thing they say is happening just to find out debunked it? CATFISHED.
But the people on this show are gullible as crap. One girl proposed to a guy she hadn’t even met. Are you kidding me??

Anyway, I’m gonna look like it makes sense to have fallen for it. They’ll have to be living out of the country, for one, and they Skype with me. That way, I’m seeing a face that matches the pictures. Which means we’ll have to cast some model, but that won’t be a big problem.

This can work, guys!

Wait. Why are we doing this again? I for some reason am having a hard time figuring out why anyone would fake being someone to others.

Oh, right, I remember…just cause I thought it’d be funny to catfish a tv show called Catfish which is about people catfishing people. Too meta, maybe.

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