One Month of No

Aren’t we all getting bogged down with all the stuff we “have to do?” I know I am. It’s all too much. You have a wedding to go to, a friend’s show, a friend’s shower, a friend’s birthday, a friend’s theme party (which take all the fun out of parties and exchanges it with buying clothes you’ll wear once just so you can avoid hearing for one night, “Why didn’t you dress up, loser?”) Enough! No more.

Let’s just have one month where we don’t have to do anything. Let’s take a month where we don’t invite anybody to your shows, your weddings (good luck, Summer months), your pet turtle’s Great Gatsby themed birthday party. It’s fun, but it’s worn us out. Let’s have just a chill month.

The best part of my month is the beginning when I take my dry erase calendar, erase everything and write in the new month. It’s the best part because it’s (mostly) blank. But within a couple days it will be filled up entirely.

I won’t to get to the 15th of the month and not see one thing listed.

Let’s just hang out on the couch and watch Real Genius or Ghostbusters. Do something that simply feels like a relaxing night out. So don’t start to stress about what to need to bring. Bring yourself so we can be, you know, friends who are just chillin’.

We’ll see the Joneses next month. Right now it’s you, me, and a tub of ice cream. It’s summer, guys. Let’s not make it “One Crazy Summer” about a ragtag of misfits who have to stress out over saving their whatever it was they were trying to save or do. Let’s not even watch that movie cause it’ll just stress me out. We’re gonna hang and bask in the glow of relaxation.

Join me.

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