Public Service Announcement

I just saw someone turn left onto a one way street after sitting for at least a minute at a traffic light that had a very visible “no left turns” sign.

I slowed down, rolled down my window, pointed at the sign and said, “You can’t turn left.” But they just looked at me like I was saying, “What a nice day, right? Look at the sky.”

No one else tried to warn them.

Cars were coming and the light was green so I couldn’t sit there for this idiot. As I drove up ahead I saw them turn left. Onto what was clearly a one way street because several lanes of traffic had cars facing them.

No one tried to warn them! They all just sat there like morons.

It reminded me of this one crazy wreck I saw. I’m sitting at a light about to turn right. When the light turned green 3 cars from the oncoming traffic decided to run the light to turn left. They person next to me decided to go anyway.
They gunned it and SMASHED into the 3rd car.

To me, they both deserved tickets. One for running the red light. The other for being stupid.

Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to do much. Our life would be easier. And Washington D.C. would be empty of all current politicians.

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