Who Should Host Saturday Night Live

This is a list bloggers love to write cause we all have a strong opinion on this.  I’ve had my ideas for awhile, but after reading a few that did mention people I had in mind I realized they still left out some great would-be hosts!

For the record, I am leaving off certain people you know will host or host again. Like: Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey (future 5-timer), Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm. The list goes on.

I feel like I’m pretty good at coming up with future hosts because at the beginning of this season I said, “Adam Levine should host.” And he did. And he did a fine job. I also said a couple years ago that Justin Timberlake will one day join the 5-timers club and that they should do that sketch. And we all know that went this past Saturday. (answer: splendidly)
I’m evidently clairvoyant. Speaking of which, I will one day marry Anne Hathaway.

I’ve put together a list of people who either inexplicably have never hosted or inexplicably only hosted once.

  • Stephen Colbert – I put him first cause I’ve thought it for years, but so has every other person who puts together a list like this.
  • Will Arnett – Same as Colbert. No good reason he’s not hosted and everyone agrees.
  • Eddie Murphy – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s move on to some more original suggestions.
  • Joel McHale – This would have been a great idea two seasons ago. He’d still do a good job, but the shine is off Community, it seems. Blerg
  • Michael Cera – He’s kinda hosted once. During the writer’s strike a few years back, SNL put on a benefit show to raise money for out of work crew and writers. They went to UCB, used an old SNL script and had Michael Cera host. And he apparently CRUSHED. No good reason he’s not hosted yet. They slept on the gouda on this one.
  • Nick Offerman – I don’t need to explain this.
  • Vince Vaughn – He hosted once in the 90’s and was good, but it was a year when people weren’t excited about SNL despite Ferrell being there. When Wedding Crashers hit big I thought he’d be hosting soon. Didn’t happen. Why, SNL? Make it so!
  • Aziz Ansari – He’s awesome. He’s great at sketches. He’s an obvious host. But he might need one more big splash before he gets to host.
  • Paul McCartney – Ok, ok. I know what you’ll say. But I’d love that and it’s totally plausible. It should have happened in the 90’s. But I’d still love it.
  • Adam Sandler – He has never hosted. I know, you’re about to check IMDB and see, but it’s true. He hasn’t. Weird, right?
  • Robert Downey Jr. – When Lorne Michaels came back to executive produce SNL in the mid-80’s RBj was actually a cast member alongside Anthony Michael Hall, who was surprisingly good. Downey has hosted. Once. IN 1996! Come on. 2 Iron Man movies and The Avengers and he’s still not hosted again?
  • Conan O’Brien – This should happen again. He did it once before and it was brilliant. Please just make it happen.
  • Lorne Michaels – When he steps down and Steven Higgins takes over as executive producer this should go down. Or maybe his last episode as EP.
  • Me, Jason Farr – This is the one person on this list that no one else has ever suggested. I’m tired of living vicariously through Timberlake. And with this suggestion I have made the “Who Should Host SNL” list that no one can top.

UPDATE: (cue that creepy music from Unsolved Mysteries)

Looks like SNL read my mind: Vince Vaughn to Host SNL in April. I must really be clairvoyant. I think it and it happens. This is the 3rd time. Uh oh, newly married Anne Hathaway! I’ve wrecked a marriage with my mind! What have I done!!

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