The Internet – It Gets Ya Every Time

There’s some app on Facebook that if you read an article on their website it automatically posts that you read the article in Facebook feeds.

The problem is you look like a creep if you look at an article with a sketchy headline.

A real update I saw in my feed, “Fox News Reporter – Uncrossed Legs WOW”

If you click on that, you might not be sketchy, but now you’re publicly thought to be sketchy.  And I find this to be hilarious cause I’m not clicking on that mess.

I know what articles to avoid and you can, too!  Just be sure to stay away from headlines like these:

  • “Cat Nip Slip” – Maybe you thought it was a feline related product you can get for your cat, but it’s actually something very unsuitable for work.
  • “I think Chris Brown is Actually a Good Person.” – I get it. You just wanted to know what their bogus argument was. But at the end of the day he’s still a horrible, horrible person and now you look like a fan.
  • “Woman Arrested for Violating Nudity Ban (Pictures)” – This one is kinda obvious, but you’re gonna click on it anyway.
  • “Ways to Convince Your Friends You’re Not Desperate” – They’re all going to see this and know you’re desperate. PS, they already know so just click on it, anyway. They won’t be surprised. Live free!
  • “Behind the Scenes of a Go Daddy Commercial” – You don’t need to know how they shoot these commercials. It’s exactly what you’d expect. They bring in Danica Patrick and make her sign something confusing that makes her forget she has standards and can actually say “No” to things. Then a guy with shifty eyes and a member’s only jacket turns a camera on and shouts out perverted things.  Then they shoot the commercial.

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