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Well looky, looky what day it is, tooky. (I like to rhyme)

It’s the day after the Mayan Calendar ended and we’re all still alive. What does that say? What does this mean?

I’ll tell you what it means! That all this prediction bull crap needs to stop once and for all. Stop all of this Nostradamus, Mayan Calendar guesstimations about the end of the world, saying on Facebook “This is the day Marty McFly traveled to the future in Back to the Future,” all of this needs to stop.

It’s making us look stupid to future generations. I want to go on record and let my future family members know that I did not believe the World was coming to an end because a calendar ended.

Seriously, do people know how dumb they sounded when they suggested this Mayan calendar mess? Do they freak out at the end of every year when they see their calendar doesn’t go past December 31st? Do they think January 1st isn’t going to happen? When they put their food in the microwave do they think it disappears, goes on a journey then comes back to when they hear the ding? Or when they put their shoes on do they think they no long have feet? “I have shoes for feet now!”

So just cut this nonsense out. It’s dumb. The world will end one day. You probably won’t be around to care, but even if you are you probably won’t be around much longer to care.

And you clearly aren’t a real fan of Back to the Future if you think McFly went to anytime before 2015. Doc Brown clearly said he was traveling 30 years into the future cause it’s a nice round number. If you don’t know that the first movie took place in 1985 you’re not a real fan.

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