Give In?


I recently saw this ad for Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Death Mobile in a Taco or whatever it’s called:


Seriously? Give in? That’s they’re marketing strategy?

When someone says, “Give in” to something they’re referring to that temptation to go through with that bad idea you know you shouldn’t do but you want to for some dumb reason.

Taco Bell is equating this notion with eating their food.

Why not just say, “Hey folks, this will kill you, but you’re gonna die anyway so you might as well eat it, right?”

I don’t even think they fully understand the right way to use temptation. Staying out too late with friends despite having to get up early, “Hey, I can take a nap in the afternoon!” That’s when you should say, “give in.”
When it comes to eating food for sustenance it shouldn’t be something you have to “give in” to get you to eat it. This isn’t Bizarre Foods. We’re not all as crazy as Andrew Zimmern.

Here are things you give in to:

  1. Buying two pints of ice cream because they’re half off
  2. Watching Definitely, Maybe (it’s surprisingly enjoyable ya’ll)
  3. Eating the rest of the package of Oreo cookies
  4. Singing along to “Call Me Maybe”
  5. Dancing along to “Call Me Maybe”
  6. Crying at the end of Rudy and not caring who sees it
  7. Watching the rest of House Hunters International to see which house they choose (the 3rd one!)
  8. Following Kanye West on Twitter
  9. Whipping your hair back and forth
  10. The Dark Side

All valid reasons for giving in. Eating a Doritos Locos Taco? NO. But mainly because it just doesn’t meet your expectations. I had one. It’s really not that good. They really should get a Cool Ranch flavor. Now that would be good!

3 Replies to “Give In?”

  1. I would rather drag my ass thguorh heel than walk thguorh heaven with this dude. What a sally. I hope his friends go home and shit in his bed.

  2. Dude, these tacos are SO gross. I tried one a few months back.
    Trust me, I did not “give in.” I “gave up” my lunch.

    And #10 is priceless!

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