Rejected Names for Prince Proteges

Many of you non-music nerds may not realize that the musician Prince (aka The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, aka The Artist, aka Christopher, aka Jamie Starr, aka Alexander Nevermind, aka Joey Coco, aka That Symbol Thing Prince Made Up) has had many proteges in his time.

Stars like:
Sheena Easton
Sheila E
Carmen Electra

But what you DON’T know is that he had plenty of other stage names in the hat of random words that he evidently used to come up with names for his new proteges.

Names like:
Peestick Wilson
Jabber Philonius
Blueberry Peach 1-37 (they couldn’t decide whether to pronounce this 1 minus 37 or 1 through 37)
Demeterus Rye
Cosmotalia (this one was for a dude)
Zirconia and Ceramic

There you have it, reader. You don’t come up with terrible stage names without having to go through other terrible stage names. Now if you would excuse me, I have to go feel the funk.

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