Say What You Need to Say

It’s time for my weekly argument about John Mayer, everybody!  It goes a little something like this…

Me – John Mayer’s new album is really good.
Them (cause it’s always THEM) – Ugh.
Me – Seriously, he’s got some good songs.
Them – Body is a Wonderland.
Me – That song has a solid guitar part.
Them –  But his face when he plays.
Me – Anybody’s face when they play?
Them –  Daughters!
Them – JOHN MAYER! (said with anger)
Me – JOHN MAYER! (said with respect)
Them – …I’m just a Jennifer Aniston fan, okay?
Me – Me, too.  Me , too.  I can never date her because I love his music so much.
Them – That’s the reason you can never date her?
Me – Low blow, man.  Low blow.
Them – Talk about a Heartbreak Warfare.
Me – Don’t.  Just don’t.

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