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There’s a new product for your pet dogs called Thundershirt.  This canine swaddle is for your dogs when they get scared by the thunder or sad when you’re away from home.

And I want to know why this hasn’t been made for humans!

No, I’m not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but I get lonely.  And I need a hug from time to time.  The constant feeling that I’m getting a hug would be soothing.  I love hugs.

Imagine the commercial for this.

A recently dumped woman is sitting on the couch eating ice cream, listening to Adele and crying into a box of tissues while “Sleepless in Seattle” plays on the TV.  It’s muted, she just likes to see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan find love.
Then PRESTO!  In a flash she is swaddled up in her thundershirt.  No more tears, it’s okay.  They should have a feature that speaks to you when you press a button.  “He wasn’t right for you,” it says.  “You’re better off.”  “It’s his loss.”  She gently falls asleep looking comforted and sure of herself.

This actually does exist for men.  It’s called beer. (please drink responsibly)

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  1. Actually, the Thundershirt is a new brand as of 2009 but not a new product. It is a knockoff! The original and only patented pressure wrap called the Anxiety Wrap was invented in 2001 by Certified Professional Dog Trainer and T-Touch Practitioner, Susan Sharpe. It has been clinically evaluated in a research study at Tufts University and shown to be effective in 89% of the dogs in the study. The original, patented Anxiety Wrap is based on what we know about the calming effects of maintained (constant) pressure along with acupressure. The Anxiety Wrap is the only pressure wrap that uses both of these mechanisms. You might find it interesting to read abut Dr. Temple Grandin’s squeeze machine that she developed for herself as a young college student with autism to help alleviate her own symptoms of anxiety: Susan Sharpe and the Anxiety Wrap are mentioned in one of Grandin’s books, “Animals Make Us Human,” page 54. I can tell you, not only as a professional dog trainer, but as a registered nurse that pressure does work to calm people (with autism) as well as animals, and though the Thundershirt is little more than a tight-fitting dog coat, the original Anxiety Wrap is really an effective treatment for canine anxiety.

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