They’re Just Like Us

I get it, guy who doesn’t know how to use the timer on a camera.  You’ve been working out.  You caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you’re looking good.  You want people to see this. Cause that’s not weird.

And, ya know, it’s not that weird.  You have been conditioned to think it’s normal.  For years now we’ve seen celebrities by even the likes of Adrien Brody grace the cover of Men’s Health shirtless because they’ve been working out.  “And here’s how he did it!”  Right?  I get it.  When they’ve been working out and look good they get the cover of a magazine to show everyone.  You have a Facebook.  It’s the only place to show everyone your progress.

Sure, you’re not a celebrity, but Us Weekly tells us that “They’re Just like Us!”  So you can take pictures of your body and show everyone, too!

The only thing is, they were asked to.  And paid to.  And it helps their career because it keeps them in the public eye.

Ya know what, on second thought, they’re not just like us.  No one asked you to pose shirtless.  It doesn’t help your career.  You’re not getting paid.  You just want to show off.

Yeah, you’re just pretentious.

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