Worst Headline Ever

“Snooki Nude Photos Released After Cell Phone Hacked”

I see no legitimate reason those words ever needed to be together in print as the headline of a story.  For one, if it happened why would “news” organizations tell people?  Why put the World through that?  Haven’t we been through enough?

Secondly, why did it happen in the first place?

Okay, I can maybe see hacking into Snooki’s cell so you can find something embarrassing, but once you find nude photos why release them?  And more importantly, how did your eyes stop melting?  Were you determined to make everyone else see what you did just out of spite for the Universe?

And Snooki’s reps are saying that it’s “a shame.”  It’s a shame Snooki has reps.  It’s a shame she uses phones to take nude photos of herself presumably to show them to people.  It’s a shame someone hacked into her phone.  It’s a shame that person then released the photos!  Come on, man, be a buddy and let that go unnoticed.  Nobody needed this.

Somewhere the parent of a young child is having that awkward conversation they wanted to avoid because their child saw these photos.  They have to tell their sweet, no longer innocent child what a water buffalo is and what it’s doing with that cell phone in front of a mirror.

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