Slow News Day

Is there anything Lance Bass won’t stoop to in order to get himself in the news?

“I have an announcement everyone. I am gay.” – Lance Bass
“I don’t care.” – Virtually everyone

“Hey guys, I’m going to the moon!” – Lance Bass
“No you’re not.” – Space

Now Lance is getting in the news by spilling on Justin Timberlake’s upcoming wedding.   Seriously, guy, this isn’t even your business to give, but you will since talking about the only relevant member of N’Sync is the way to get yourself in the news.

“I’m definitely invited, everyone! Right, Justin? Right? You have to send me the invite since I’m saying it in the news. Please. Can I get an invite so I don’t have to work that day catering the event? Please?”

At least Chris Kirkpatrick has the decency to stay under the rock he lives below.  Granted, it’s a diamond studded rock that itself is probably a diamond, but still pretty low profile for celebrities.

There’s also a “news” story that Justin Bieber allegedly battered a photographer.  The photographer is a 12 year old girl.  At least, that’s what I assume considering I can’t imagine any adult male would admit to being beat up by Justin Bieber – oh and it looks like it was an adult.

This photographer made complaints of “pain” after the confrontation with The Biebs and was taken to a hospital.  Too bad doctors and their medicine couldn’t help him because the only thing that was hurt was his pride.

Seriously, who would tell everybody Justin Bieber beat them up?  If that happened to me I would buy all of the photographs and video other photographers took and burn ’em.  There will be no talk of this incident.  Has this paparazzo no shame?

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