Jason Farr and the All Farr Band

“The Black Keys” is such a good name for a band.  I can’t believe no one else named a band that before 2001.  It’s a simple name that’s cool and is so relative to the fundamentals of music.

I used to think the weird band names of the ’90s were only that weird because the simple names like The Doors, or The Cars, or The Police had all been taken.  But they weren’t.  “The Black Keys” was still going unused.

It really makes Glen Phillips look like a pretentious ass.  Toad the Wet Sprocket?  I don’t know what that is, but it sounds disgusting.  And what the hell is a Stone Temple Pilot, Scott Weiland?  You guys go and make that nonsense up when “The Black Keys” was still available?

There’s a newer band called The Drums.  Over 60 years of pop music and something as simple as “The Drums” didn’t get used until recently?

Yeah, totally overlook all these band names that have something to do with music and just go with “Toad the Wet Sprocket.”  That name makes me think about music and not at all a slimy toad.  Gross.

Imagine how dumb the names are going to be in the future since we’ve already broken the barrier to go with words that don’t even have anything to do with one another.

“Samson and the Occurring Revolt”
“The Saddles on the Paperbacks”
“Last Day For Today” (When Emo comes back. They’re debut album “Stay Until You’re Gone”)
“Gushy the Stink Bug Operator”
“Store Bought Clouds of Visser”
“Sector 9 of the Bake Sale”
“Peace Comes with a Meat and 3”
“Eat More, Save Less”
“Turkin Flurkin Me Yurkin”
“The Chad Kroeger Trio”

Do you see how bad this can get??

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