What Not to Expect While Watching Sportscenter

Earlier today I saw during the noon broadcast of Sportscenter on ESPN a commercial for the obvious chick flick “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”  Not only that, but the movie was the sponsor of the day.

You know that voice over guy who reads the sponsors for Sportscenter?  You know how perfect his voice is for a program called Sportscenter?  The tone of his voice matches so well with highlight reals of amazing plays and brutal sacks.  Well that guy had to say today, “Go see What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”  He said those words.  In that voice.  And he had to sound happy about saying it.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t have been sponsors, though “Battlefield” seems like a much more suitable choice for the Sportscenter demographic.  I’m saying that’s not how a chick flick should be promoted to that audience.  Because they were trying to trick guys into seeing the movie.  The parts of the movie they showed were only the parts with the guys, namely Chris Rock.  And the only time they showed a woman was when Cameron Diaz was in a sports bra.

That movie is mainly going to showcase the women in it.  Trying to make guys think this movie is actually something dudes would like is the wrong way to get guys out to see it.
Instead they should have said,

“Hey.  Listen.  We know you don’t want to see this movie, but it’s the day after Mother’s Day and you’re already on the couch watching Sportscenter at noon.  And you know how much she hates that.  So do something nice for her this weekend and take her to see something she’d actually like to see.  You’re welcome.”

That’s the way you get their attention, Hollywood!  There are only a few fools you’ll trick into seeing that movie with your tactics and they’ll walk out angry.  Just be honest, give them some advice.  They’ll appreciate it and you’d probably get more people into the theater that way.

I should literally do this for a living.

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