Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

There was another disturbing story of stalking this week.  This time it involved Alec Baldwin and a Canadian.

The alleged stalker was arrested outside of Baldwin’s apartment building this week after she tried to get in.

All of that is scary, but even scarier is the news report I saw about it this morning on the Today Show.  The reporter, standing in front of a NYC building, began her report with, “The alleged stalker was arrested right outside of his apartment building right here.”  Then she indicated the building.

So a tenant of a building had someone arrested for being outside of that building and then these reporters think it’s a good idea to stand outside of that building and tell everybody he’s in there?

Good job, NBC.  Make life even worse for your coworker.

He’s gonna call you.  And we all know he can leave a good voice mail when he’s angry.  I hope he does.  You’d probably report it.

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