What are You Saying, Ronnie Devoe

I was recently listening to Bel, Biv, Devoe’s venerable classic “Poison” when I heard the lyric “The low pro ho should be cut like an afro,” rapped by the one and only Ronnie Devoe.

It begs the question, what are you talking about, Ronnie Devoe?

Are you saying she should be cut out of your friend’s life because, as you go on to say, you know she’s a loser.  Let’s not go into WHY you know she’s a loser.  You dog, you!  But if that is what you mean, an “afro” is the best example you could come up with in your metaphor?  I suppose “bench-sitting football player” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I at least hope this is what you mean by “cut” that “ho.”  Because otherwise there’s something nefarious about your words.  I worry that you might be saying she should be stabbed.  I’ll assume you aren’t going that far in your already misogynist song.  Besides, talk about a bad analogy.  I imagine an afro would be carefully sculpted.  Like a bonsai tree.  So if you’re saying she should be violently attacked it wouldn’t make sense to compare that horrific act to carefully maintaining a hairstyle using precision and focus.

I just don’t understand you, Ronnie Devoe!

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