Dummies for Zombies

You know that zombie uprising people are waiting for?

Well it’s here.  It’s been here for awhile actually.  Only they’re not called zombies, they’re called “dumb people,” and they are EVERYWHERE!

You’ve seen dumb people out.  They aren’t entirely unlike zombies.  They stagger about, mouths agape, arms aimlessly flailing…just LIKE a zombie.

They ruin everything like zombies do, too.  Once dumb people show up to your favorite place to get away you can’t go there anymore.  You can’t have nice things because they’ll probably drool on them.

Unlike zombies who bite you to turn you into one of them, just spending too much time with a dummy will turn you into them.  You always find yourself doing dumb stuff when with them.  So you must avoid them as if they might bite you; which, in all honesty they might!  There’s no telling with dumb people.

I’m sorry to bring you such bad news, but the zombie era is upon us.  They’re all over!  They’re in our schools, our hospitals, they’re in government and most shockingly…behind the wheel of a car.

There is no cure.  You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t fix stupid.”  Throw a book at them.  Not only will they not duck they won’t read it!

The only thing you can take heart in is that, unlike with Zombies, your brains will be left alone.  Some brains are something dummies want nothing of.

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