How My Heart is Unbreaking This Week

One of the only “unbreaks” in existence!

Zoe Saldana broke up with her fiance and long-time love of 11 years this week.

I mean, I’m sorry for them.  This has to be tough.  But I really needed a win.  I’m counting this as a win because in my head (and my heart!) I imagined a single Zoe Saldana randomly bumping into me on the street and saying, “Oh, well hello, stranger.”  But in a really cute, flirty way.  Not at all in that creepy way in which you read it.

So, for once, I can say my heart is NOT breaking this week.  It should be noted that my heart is never really breaking.  These are just jokes.  I just think these ladies are lovely.  Zoe Saldana being a free woman (I’ll never meet) is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And that is how my heart is unbreaking this week.


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