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The title to last night’s episode of Conan was “Is Anyone Paying Attention to These Friggin’ Episode Titles?”

Why, yes, Coco.  I am.  The silly episode titles are one of m favorite things about the show.  I enjoy them so much that I even created a contest and a Twitter hashtag game;  “Name an episode of Conan!” which I’m about to launch in a few minutes.

I took it upon myself to create this obviously necessary contest because they hadn’t yet.  It’s high time we had this!  I haven’t quite figured out what the prize should be, but I’ve definitely decided to be selfish with it.  I figure I’m gonna win this thing since I’ll probably be the only one playing.  I’m a crafty devil.

A few prizes have come to mind.  I’m just trying to decide between a new Ford Fusion, a job with the show or $25,000.  So what if these are ridiculous.  I created this fake contest and I do what I want!

I’ve come up with several possible titles and about 9 that I like.  So, each day during the week I’ll post a title I came up with and I’ll include the hashtags #NameAConan and #conteststhatdontexist.  Maybe I’ll @ the show, too.  But I’m sure it will go largely unnoticed.  They’re probably still sifting through “Grow the beard back” tweets.

As a little treat to you guys who visit my site I’ll include some of my rejected titles below.

Two Tickets to the Pun Show
The Ballad of Chip Chop
Conansus: The Forbin Project
The Sting of Gordon Sumner
My Diplomatic Immunity Has Just Been Revoked
Call of the Bergeron
Things to Do in Denver in Your Head

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