I Gotta Gotta Gotta Got My Girl Swag On

Remember that holocaust to the senses that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was?  Well there’s more where that came from!  12 year old girls across the country (okay, across Beverly Hills) with rich parents can cut a single thanks to the terrorist activity of Ark Music Factory.

And here’s my new favorite artist’s page:


Please listen to “Girl Swag On.”

It should be stated that the girls shouldn’t be to blame.  Yeah, they want this attention and “fame.”  But kids are like that.  The problem is that there are parents willing to put them through this and a company writing such awful, awful music.

Move over Ke$ha, Patrice Wilson is the new public enemy no. 1 of music.

That’s right, when it comes between Ke$ha and this fool’s music I’m gonna side with KE$HA!  This jerk made me side with KE$HA!!

I do have to say, they make Insane Clown Posse sound like early Insane Clown Posse.

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