I Wish He Were More Like Marcel Marceau

For the last 6 years my belief when it came to politics has been that no matter who is elected things can’t get so bad that we’d be living the life portrayed in Mad Max or Soylent Green.

Yeah, things might get tough for a particular group, but for the most part we’d be fine.  It’s just 2 years or 4 years, anyway.  They’ll get voted out of office or terms limits will cut off their time ruining our states or our country.  Then someone else will come and keep us from becoming Uzbekistan.  (note: I have no clue how things are in Uzbekistan.  I just like saying Uzbekistan.)

Well, that argument has finally met its match.

Basil Marceaux.

You might have seen segments about him on The Colbert Report.  If you haven’t, let me fill you in.


I would link to some sites to illustrate my point, but if you just throw a rock on the internet you’d hit something that shows just how nuts this guy is.

I will include this video, though, because the best way to listen to Basil Marceaux is with subtitles.

Geez, and people say President George W. Bush is a bad public speaker.  This guy makes President Bush look like Frederick Douglass.  I have to say, in Crazy Land I can actually follow Basil’s line of thinking.

If there is a way for a state to be run so poorly that it literally sinks into the Earth and disappears, Basil Marceaux would be the man to do it.  I honestly don’t know if Tennessee would exist if he governed it.  I think it would just disappear or be sold to Uzbekistan.  See, it’s fun!

This is just so rich.  I can’t wait to track the TN Primaries later today!

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