What’s That on Your Poker Face?

While at the gym earlier a lady on an elliptical in front of me is watching CNN.  That “Showbiz” show is on but all they’re showing is that picture circulating media outlets of Jessica Simpson’s twitpic of her and her new boyfriend kissing adorably and Lindsay Lohan looking like how I imagine Hollywood feels.

This is not news!  It’s not “show” and it’s not “biz,” either.  And it’s CNN, so they can’t use the argument that showing sleaze and non-story stories gets them ratings.  They don’t have any ratings!  Or integrity!

Here’s an idea!  Don’t do what every other entertainment news program is doing.  Instead, actually talk about the business.  I’m not saying they have to go as inside and nerdy as the pilot episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. (I loved that show)  I’m just saying that they should show something that actually reflects the name of the program.

Talk about entertainment and talk about the business aspect of the entertainment world.  Don’t run a story about a picture Jessica Simpson tweeted.
That’s not a story.  And on top of that, Jessica Simpson beat you to it.  Anyone who cared about that already saw it when they were on Twitter.

The news used to be about stories you wouldn’t have already heard about because you couldn’t have.  Or they’d give you more details on a story you probably already heard about.  Not about stuff everyone’s already talked about.

I’m sorry, but it’s not news to tell us that Lady GaGa does cocaine occasionally.  We already figured that…because we’ve seen her.
The only news you could bring us on that story is what her connotation of “occasionally” is because given her act it’s possible she thinks it means, “A lot.  Like, a LOT, a lot.”

I’ll never forgive you, Travel Channel, for putting something other than Samantha Brown on when I’m working out.

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  1. “I’m sorry, but it’s not news to tell us that Lady GaGa does cocaine occasionally. We already figured that…because we’ve seen her.”

    That is a great line! That is a new joke.

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