I Hate You, Travel Channel, I HATE You!

Well, the Travel Channel burned me again.

First, they were showing practically nude girls in their programing while I tried to innocently watch mindless television while working out at the gym.

I gave it up, but a month or so ago went back to them because they changed their schedule.  They’d show Man Vs. Food for an hour, then Samantha Brown the next hour, and for a third hour Anthony Bourdain.

It was great.  No matter when I went to the gym during a 3 hour block I could see something I wanted to actually watch.

Well, NO MORE.  For some reason they changed their schedule.  They only have Samantha Brown and that’s not until 1, which is around the time I try to leave the gym.

Man.  Screw you, Travel Channel.  Not only can I not enjoy beautiful locales with the lovely Samantha Brown, I can’t live vicariously through her as she travels to beautiful locales.

Sad, sad life I lead…looking at TV while I get all toned and whatnot.

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