A Word on Chris Brown

I don’t know if you’ve seen Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute on the BET Awards yet, but he “broke down” in “tears” while trying to sing “Man in the Mirror.”

My thing with that is, did he not rehearse the song several times before the broadcast?  Did the meaning of the song really not resonate until the live show?

I find that hard to believe.  He had to have rehearsed that performance at least 3 times.  I can’t imagine they didn’t.  Maybe he just wanted to get the footwork down and when it came to the singing he said, “We’ll do it live.  I want to stay fresh.”

But not even during the sound check did he stop and say, “Wait a second, I’M the man in the mirror.  I need to make that change.  Shamon.”

It’s been a year since Michael Jackson’s death and we’ll still never truly know how he came up with “shamon.”  How is that even supposed to be spelled?

I digress.  I don’t buy the weeping at the end of Brown’s performance.  You can call me a hater all you want.  And you’d be right, I hate Chris Brown.  But mainly because I was just in a wedding this weekend and I heard “Forever” waaaaay too much.

I will give him credit for not performing “Beat It,” “Dangerous,” or “Speed Demon.”  Not that “Speed Demon” would have been inappropriate.  That song just sucks.

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