Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Vomit Inducer

A spider web almost got in my mouth earlier.

I shudder at just the thought.

Ok, I get it.  You can stretch your webbing over several feet.  Impressive.  But seriously, why?  Do you like to see people walk face first into that crap and then freak out?  Is that spider humor?  Jerks.  You’re no Mark Twain!

If a spider web gets in my mouth I will throw up right on the spot.  It’s revolting to me.  I will throw up right there.  Not even so much because I couldn’t make it to a trash can, but just to make a point of what not to do to Jason.  Don’t let spider webs get in my mouth.  Don’t let me walk mouth first into some spider webs.

Spider-man is the last super hero I want saving me for this very reason.  I don’t even want to imagine all the webbing.  Ugh.

If Spider-man swung in and saved me I would say, “Put me down or I’m gonna be sick!”  “Is it motion sickness?”  “NO, it’s you!  And Spider-Man 3, it was awful.  BLAH!”

Just send Iron Man next time.  At least his movies haven’t starting sucking yet.

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