Everything I Needed To Learn I Learned From iTunes

I’m not so sure about this health care legislation anymore.  I know, I know.  Just go with it, I’m making a joke.

I’ve come to realize that when people in America get stuff for free they become huge douche bags.

Have you seen the comments for free songs offered on iTunes?  People go on and on about how awful the song might be…to them.  A lot of times I like the song, but that doesn’t keep people from saying, “Good job, iTunes picking another crap song.”

Excuse me, jerkface, but you do realize the song is FREE right?  Like iTunes owes it to you to please you when they’re GIVING YOU SOMETHING FOR FREE.

What entitled babies.

They act like they have to keep the song or something.  You can delete it if you hate it, ya know?  You don’t need to keep some song you hate on your iPod just because it was free.  Just delete it and move on.  Stop whining.

One of the most repeated arguments I heard about the health care passage was, “Government can’t run anything.  Now our doctors’ offices will be like the DMV.”  Which isn’t even true.  The government won’t be running your doctor’s office.  Glad these people get a voice, a vote, and the chance to drive on the highway.  Natural selection isn’t real, these morons are still around killing all the smart people with their cars.

My point is, we’re getting so spoiled that even if we get something that might just be okay for free we complain.  Hey guys, take a trip to some of the third world countries where they don’t have any of the luxuries that are so second-nature to us that we demand them.

Now if you don’t mind, I have to head out.  I have to take my McDonald’s meal back because this burger is disgusting!  How dare they serve this crap for a dollar?!?!

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