This incident is proof that background checks aren’t 100% effective.

Yeah, you can weed out the creeps if you’re looking to see if someone was arrested, but what if you’re interviewing a creep who hasn’t been arrested yet?

A background check also doesn’t tell you how stupid someone is.

Check this story out:

So this guy was creepy enough to blatantly solicit sex at a library using Craigslist and dumb enough to actually try to go through with it.

A background check isn’t going to tell you that.  However, spending about 2 seconds with the guy should.  Seriously, managers at Babies-R-Us, you couldn’t pick up on how stupid and creepy this guy was just when he walked in the store?

Shouldn’t people who work at child-oriented stores like Babies-R-Us have a radar for pedophiles, creepers and perverts?  They should’ve just felt his presence as soon as he walked in the store, waaay before he asked for an application.

It really shouldn’t be that hard to peg a pedophile.  You can spot them a mile away.  And when you do, gather all the kids who are around and say, “Hey, kids, you see that guy over there with the mustache, Members Only jacket, and the 6-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade?  Stay away from him.  He doesn’t have ice cream or candy in his van.  How do I know he has a van?  Look at him.  He either has a van or a time machine and he’s from 1976.  Either way, what’s he doing here??”

Just trying to keep kids safe, that’s all.

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