Ruining Girls’ Self Esteem Since 1983

An ex-Hooters waitress in the Detroit area is suing Hooters because she was told to lose weight or lose her job despite the fact that she weighed 13 pounds less than she did when they hired her two years ago.

How could they sully the good name of Hooters with such behavior?  Hooters used to stand for something.  It used to be a place jerks could go and eat over-priced food without having to worry about coming up with new ways to objectify their waitress to the point she’d run off to a bathroom stall to cry alone while trying to remind herself that the only reason she took this job in the first place was to pay for college…because her outfit was doing that for them.

There was no need for this girl’s manager to get in on the act.  Don’t make the outfit obsolete.

The manager apparently told this girl, who was only 132 pounds, to lose weight because it would improve her looks.  Why are they more concerned with her looks being improved than they are about the taste of the food being improved?  The taste of the food is not related to the hotness of the waitress bringing the food anyway.

This is how I imagine the manager’s logic processed:

“We’ve really got to make sure that every costumer gets the Hooters experience.  I’ll tell Cassandra she needs to lose weight.  Because if there’s anything people come to Hooters for it’s hot girls.  Not at all because they’re hungry and want to eat our food.  Speaking of which, it’s about time I drag the meat on the ground in the parking lot with my car.  Mmmm.”

Burn in hell, Hooters.  I guess I don’t need to tell you to do that considering the only food in hell is a Hooters buffet.

All the same, burn in hell.

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