How My Heart is Breaking This Week

What you’re about to see is disturbing.

It is suitable for work, but the language you will use upon seeing this is not.

Don’t you feel like the dogs know they’re being humiliated more than any other animal has ever been?  Ever?  This is worse than what you see in Food Inc.  This is just so wrong.

If dogs had oppposable thumbs they’d just take a loaded pistol straight to the snout.  End their misery.  And who could blame them?

The only dogs you should do stuff like this to are Tiger Woods, Jon Gosselin and Jesse James.  They deserve this, not the dogs on that site.  Even if they are poodles, cause isn’t that embarrassing enough?

Geez.  This site is more humiliating for poodles than “People of Walmart” is for Southerners.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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  1. OH. MY. GOSH.

    I have miniture poodles (they don’t get sissy fro-fro haircuts) and so I know poodles are smart dogs and would TOTALLY be humilited by something like this.

    Although, that Leonardo TMNT cut was pretty cool. Come on, you know you kinda thought so too 😉

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