Jennifer Aniston…Will You Marry Me?

Out of curiosity (and boredom from waiting for laundry to finish) I made a friend list on Facebook of people I’d like to invite to my wedding if I were having onenow . (I know, I know)

What I found out is alarming but not unexpected.

I alone would invite 98 people to my wedding.  That doesn’t include family I would invite.  That does not include +1’s.  That doesn’t include people who aren’t on Facebook.  But honestly, if you’re not on Facebook I can’t imagine we’re close enough to invite you to my wedding.  Loser.  Get a Facebook.

If you factor in the +1’s, which many of my friends are married and I’m close with their spouses too so I’d be inviting them anyway, that number balloons to almost 200.  And that’s not even including my family!  That’s at least 25 more people.

This is insane!  What is my problem!?  I alone would invite nearly 225 people to my wedding?  I mean, a 300 person wedding is considered a big wedding, right?  Well, I’m bringing in 75% of what is considered a big wedding!

My wife would either have to be a hermit or Jennifer Aniston for this to work.

And I have to be honest…I’m leaning towards a hermit at this point.  Cause we all know Aniston could bring in 500 of her own.

Then again, her real-life dad is Victor Kiriakis and my mom loves Days of Our Lives.

Welp, my laundry’s done.

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  1. Love that girl. Jennifer Aniston. I really like her. Two thumbs up for her role in FRIENDS (TV series). It’s not a rush decision to say that she’s naturally funny.

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