My First Dance

It’s wedding season!  And you know what that means, right??

I start dreaming of what my perfect wedding would be!  Yep, this time of year always brings out the girl in me.  As does the Fall…and Winter…and Summer.  But I’m a real skank in the Summer.

I’ve heard and seen some interesting ideas for the couple’s first dance.  Everyone has seen the Thriller dance party, that was pretty dope but it’s been done.  People have acted stuff out as if it were a play because the couple and their wedding party were theater dorks.  Someone I know who doesn’t really like dancing wants to do a first jam instead of a first dance.  The wedding party would walk over to instruments and play a song.  Great idea for her cause she’s a good musician.  And everybody’s done the “Oh we’re dancing to a sweet love song – NOPE – PLAY ‘I LIKE BIG BUTTS!'” psych out.  That’s REALLY done.

I think my perfect first dance will be elaborate and badass.  I want something choreographed and whimsical with props, scenery and minor set pieces.  What I’m picturing isn’t entirely unlike the video for “Strawberry Swing.”

I’d like to incorporate that song and Rogue Wave’s “Catform” into my first dance.  Talk about whimsical.

Yep, I’ve got a wedding to go to this week and at least 2 more this year.  I’m going to judge all of their first dances…to their faces…the day of their wedding.  Because I’m a horrible person.

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