My Boy is Wicked Slow

I came across this very odd headline today:

“Is Osama bin Laden out of touch?”

Was he ever in touch?

Seriously, Dan Murphy, what part of 9/11 makes you think bin Laden was at one point “in touch” with reality?  It took making a threat to kill any American caught for you to go, “Hmm, this bin Laden character seems crazy.”

“What else is he late to the party on,” I wondered to myself, but not really cause I’m just trying to write a blog.  So I decided to go to his Twitter page that I don’t even know exists and saw these tweets:

“Wow, guys, this guy Seinfeld has a show on Fox.  It airs at odds hours but it is good. He’s going places.”
“Wait, so you mean to tell me they all die at the end of Titanic?  Couldn’t someone have warned me?!”
“I thought concentration camps were places they sent kids to learn how to concentrate. Thanks, Spielberg.”

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