How Somebody Else’s Heart Is Breaking This Week…

It’s official.  Some people are really, really stupid.

I am single.

Yet these people are married:

Jesse James
Tiger Woods
Joe Lunardi (the guy who created Bracketology, or “wasting everyone’s damned time with my nerdish knowledge of college hoops and still being wrong about the brackets” for ESPN )

I don’t want to say Sandra Bullock is stupid…but she did marry a guy named Jesse James who was once married to a porn star.  If that doesn’t reek “I have serious, serious issues” I don’t know what does.  But when someone cheats it’s always the cheaters fault.  So, Sandra Bullock is not stupid.  He on the other hand…….
Just take this as a lesson, ladies.  Date nice boys who know how to cook, clean up after themselves, treat you with respect and NOT BE RAGING DOUCHE BAGS.

I mean, seriously, Jesse James??  You might be even dumber than Eric Benet!  That dumbass should wear shoes but no one ever said, “What is Halle doing with him?” when they were together.  EVERYONE wondered why you were with Sandra Bullock.  You’re a biker…and reek of douchey-ness.  Even John Mayer has to think you’re a giant douche bag.  But knowing douche bags he probably looks up to you.

And this is what happens when people ruin the scales.  On a scale of one to ten Jesse is a 5 at best.  Every American Sweetheart is a 10.  When you 8, 9 or 10s date a douchey 5, he thinks he can have the world…and he tries to.  So this nonsense happens.

Jesse, how do you do that to Sandra Bullock???  Your wife.  Who took YOUR kid in.  It was a real life “Blind Side.”  What a moron.

Jesse James really is dead man, but not as dead as Sandra’s trust in men thanks to his dumb ass.

And that is how our hearts are breaking  for Sandra Bullock’s heart this week.

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