Who Am I?

Here’s an actual text convo I woke up to this morning…

Stranger: “Hey, =)”
Me:  “Hey.  Who is this?”
Stranger:  “Scott”
Me:  “Who do you think I am?”
Stranger:  “Morgan.”
Me:  “Sorry.  You have the wrong number.”
Stranger:  “Who is this?”

This is where he got me.  Did he think I wasn’t sure if I was Morgan or not?  “Hey, now that you ask…it IS Morgan.  My bad.  I’d have forgotten if you hadn’t said anything!  What’s up?”

Let’s just hope he wasn’t driving.  Not because it’s dangerous to text while driving, but because no one is safe on the roads if he is on them.

One Reply to “Who Am I?”

  1. His immediate reaction was probably “Morgan is cheating on me.” You should’ve told him Morgan no longer loves him.

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