Killer Whale, More Like – Uhhhh

A Killer Whale killed its trainer this week.  A lot of supposed experts are saying that Killer Whales don’t normally kill.

Then why the hell did you name them KILLER WHALES???

Is that not the cruelest complex to give something ever?  “What should we name these guys?  They seem harmless…KILLER WHALES IT IS!”

They should’ve seen this coming.  They should’ve!  They should’ve known this horrible name would be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
How could you not anticipate a Killer Whale eventually going, “Well if this is what they think of me then I’LL JUST GIVE THEM WHAT THE WANT!” <bite, bite – chew – suffocate – chew, chew>

How crappy must Killer Whales feel right now?  They must be going, “Oh, great!  Now they’re gonna think we ALLLL do that cause of one guy!  One guy!  That’s all it takes to screw it up for the rest of us.  Now we’ll never send a kid off to Sea World.  We’re tainted.  Sorry assed living up to the stereotype assed bitch.  We’ll never see a Killer Whale become the king of the sea.  Effin’ merman.”

You know, because Killer Whales know that’s what we call them…and they can talk.

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